“Non importa quanto sia brillante la tua mente, se giochi solo perderai, sempre”

Thanks friends
Thanks to my large and precious family

One of the most curious things about the design process is how we manage to create something new from the evolution of what already exists.
The idea comes simply by assembling concepts from a new perspective that adapts, promptly, to the changing times.
The idea of ​​ABC Quality ‘Italian was born in March 2020 when the global society’s response to Covid 19 was to find a solution of primitive origin: isolation within one’s own home, consequently social distance.
Isolation has inevitably changed our buying habits, penalizing small Italian producers.
During the event, end customers went directly to the supermarkets, alone, in their neighborhood for their purchases and / or used online sales channels.
Small producers who were not part of the large-scale distribution chain or who were not structured with their own e-commerce have been affected by this change.

… from this moment the idea begins to take its shape.

The strategy of ABC Quality Italian, focused on small production, was to reverse the order of habits.
By reversing the order of habits, it was the producers, through their excellence, who turned directly to individual consumers and the analysis of the result obtained was unexpected and surprising.
Individual consumers have been carefully chosen and selected, one by one, with the aim of creating, through their loyalty, the solid basis on which to build our distribution.
With the great help of friends and relatives, we were able to plant the little seed of ABC Quality Italian in Christmas 2020.

Without them, the idea would have remained in its embryonic state.
A dutiful “Thank You” to:

Alessia, Carlo, Carlotta Carmen, Claudia, Claudia, Cristine, Daniele e Sandra, Fabio, Fabio Massimo, Giada, Jerome, Jonathan, Kinka, Luca, mamma, Margherita, Maria Grazia, Maurizio ed Elena, Paco, Paolo, Patrizia, Pietro, Riccardo, Rita, Roberto, Romina, Rosa, Sergio, Simona, Tommaso, Violetta

Our target audience is extremely narrow.
The final consumer must certainly be a lover of food and wine, but above all, he must be a lover of Italian excellence.
The added value that we require of all our buyers is the sensitivity in understanding the importance of protecting and defending the heart of our culture and our territory.

With our smile, thanks to a specialized sales network, we will bring excellence from the producer to the final consumer with the aim of retaining him and making him an integral part of this project;
but we will not stop there
by the manufacturer anywhere in the world with the aim of always keeping the flag of our excellence hoisted.

From anywhere in the world, Italy is recognized as having a primacy that of food and wine, we believe that this primacy must always be defended, protected and safeguarded.

We will strive to water this seed so that one day it can become an expanse dedicated to all those who have had the courage to reverse the order of their habits and the courage to adapt quickly to a changing world.